What Are You Doing This Weekend?

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Twisted Bine HopsAre you looking for something to do this weekend? Travel north to Monument for the Bines & Brews Hopfest on Saturday from 1:00-5:00 PM Ten brewers have each created a fresh hop beer using cascade hops from Rick Squires Twisted Bine hop farm. The newly created fresh hop beers will be judged and the winner will receive the annual twisted bine award. The newly minted fresh hop beers will be available to sample at the festival. Tickets are $30 and benefit the Monument Chamber of Commerce.

Do You Hate Lines?

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Almost everyone hates Fun at the Festivallines – especially at beer festivals. Well, here’s your chance to avoid the lines at this year’s All Colorado Beer Festival.

The general admission sessions begin at 1:00 PM and 6:30 PM and give you 3 1/2 hours to sample the best Colorado brewers have to offer – just you and about 1,600 of your closest friends.

For just $5 more you can get one of 150 Early Entry tickets available at each session. This extra $5 gets you in the door an hour early with just you and a few close friends and ALL THAT BEER!

Want even more? Then go for the VIP ticket. At just $50, you get in an hour early plus you have access to the VIP Zone with an extra 30 beers for the entire session. And, we will sit you down for an appetizer and beer pairing under the guidance of Austin Sherwood from Coaltrain Wine and Liquor. Only 125 VIP tickets are available for each session.

Don’t delay these special tickets are going quickly and will sell out well before the festival!

Number 67 Is Phantom Canyon

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Phantom Canyon Brewing is a longtime fixture in downtown Colorado Springs predating just about every other brewery in the city. How could we have an All Colorado Beer Festival in Colorado Springs without them? Now we won’t have to. Phantom will be back again this year.

Phantom Canyon Brewing

Don’t Miss Out On ACBF Tickets

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Crowds at the 2013 festivalTickets for the 8th Annual All Colorado Beer Festival went on sale Tuesday, September 2nd at 8:00 AM. Sales have been off the charts so far with over 1,100 tickets sold (over 1/3 of our total inventory) in less than 10 days! Now is the time to act – don’t find yourself hoping to buy a ticket at the door. BUY TICKETS

If you want a chance at the specialty beers and the beer and food pairings in the VIP Zone you must act quickly. Over 140 VIP tickets has already been claimed! We will sell no more than 250 VIP tickets total!

Do you hate lines? Try our Early Entry ticket. You get in an hour early and can sample any of over 200 beers with just 274 of your closest beer drinking friends. Almost one third of our Early Entry tickets are already sold so don’t wait!

Groupon Deal Almost Done

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It’s not for everyone, but ACBF is offering a special Groupon deal for the next two days only. The deal gets you two general admission tickets, either a t-shirt or a hat, and a souvenir pint glass. The package is valued at $95 and you get it for $55. The quantity is limited. If this works for you, visit the Groupon site for the All Colorado Beer Festival offer


Ticket Sales Are Brisk

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Fun at the FestivalTickets went on sale Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM and by 9:00 we had already sold at least 30 to eager festival patrons. By the end of the day at least 100 tickets were sold. As of the end of the day on Thursday, 758 tickets have been sold. Only 1,600 tickets are available for each session! That means we are about 25% sold out already. Don’t find yourself on the outside looking in. Buy your tickets TODAY!

Remember that approximately 50% of the price of each ticket sold is donated to our beneficiaries. We know that the philanthropic part of the festival may not be the first reason to attend the festival, but it sure is nice to think that drinking beer can benefit so many others in our community.

Thank you to everyone who has already purchased a ticket and everyone who will purchase in the future.


Number 66 Is Iron Bird Brewing

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Iron Bird Brewing is a very recent addition to the Colorado Springs brewing scene having opened their doors just two and a half weeks ago. Their specialty is cask conditioned ales. They have five beers on their regular taps and four using beer machines to pull directly from firkens. Aaron and Mike are eager to have you drop in.

Iron Bird Brewing

ACBF Tickets Now On Sale!

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Tickets for the 2014 All Colorado Beer Festival are now on sale. Our online ticket sales page is open for business with General Admission, Early Entry, and VIP tickets.

Groupon is offering a limited number of General Admission ticket packages for a limited time only – September 2-14! Early Entry and VIP tickets are not available through Groupon.

We expect to sell out both sessions of the Early Entry and VIP tickets quickly so get yours early.

Last year the evening session was completely sold out! This year we expect both sessions to sell out before we open the doors.

If you are interested, we are still accepting a few committed volunteers to help us during both sessions of the festival – Volunteers.


Only Five Spots Left!

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Our 65th brewer is Ute Pass Brewing. Ute Pass is a returning brewer from last year. It’s good to have them back with us again this year.

Ute Pass Brewing

Happy Leaf Kombucha Offers an Alternative Non-Alcoholic Option

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Maybe you know what it is and maybe you’ve never heard of it – KOMBUCHA. Kombucha is an ancient elixir that has been brewed for over 2000 years.  A combination of tea, organic cane sugar and a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast or SCOBY, are combined and lightly fermented to create a tart, effervescent tea.  While trace amounts of alcohol are created by the fermentation process, it is considered non-alcoholic and has less alcohol than non-alcoholic beer.  The tea has been regarded by some as the key to a long and healthy life.  The lactobacillus culture in kombucha aids in both liver detoxification and acts as a probiotic for digestion.  The fermentation process produces naturally occurring healthy acids and B-Vitamins which have been shown to enhance mood.

Happy Leaf opened less than a year ago in Denver to create this unique beverage and will be joining us as part of our Designated Driver area. However, we want everyone who comes to the festival to sample the wonderful flavors they offer. How about Longevity flavored with lemon, hibiscus, and ginger? Or maybe you will go crazy for Pura Vida with coconut, ginger, and lime. 

Happy Leaf Kombucha