Time Out For GABF!

Thursday evening is the start of the Great American Beer Festival. The grand daddy of all beer festivals (except maybe the Munich Oktoberfest) will run thursday, Friday, and Saturday and host over 50,000 rabid beer fans.

While GABF may be on all our minds this week, don’t forget to get your tickets for the ACBF. There are just four VIP tickets remaining for the afternoon session. Overall, 45% of the tickets to the festival are sold. If you missed out on GABF tickets, don’t find yourself in the same situation for the ACBF!

Only One Spot Left

We are pleased to welcome another new brewer as number 69 at this year’s All Colorado Beer Festival. Living the Dream Brewing Company is located in Littleton, Colorado.

Living the Dream brews on a 7 barrel system. Jason, Carrie, and Jerod are the brains behind the brewery. One of my GABF friends turned me on to them. He says it is his new favorite place.

Living the Dream Brewing

New Merchandise This Year

The All Colorado Beer Festival is bringing in some new merchandise styles this year with an emphasis on women’s styles and sizes. We have two hoodie styles, a 3/4 sleeve pull-over, and a two-color layered pull-over. Make sure you stop at the merchandise booth the fill your Christmas gift giving list.

Layered Pull-Overs

Do You Want Tickets for the VIP Zone?

The All Colorado Beer Festival VIP Zone ticket brings with it many advantages:

  • One hour early entry
  • 40 additional special beers not available on the main floor
  • A sit down pairing of six beers and appetizers
  • A place to hide from the crowd later in the session

So why not sign up for the VIP Zone? Well, if you don’t hurry there won’t be any tickets left. There are only 14 VIP tickets remaining for the afternoon session. The evening session has a few more with 45 remaining. Take it from one who knows – there will be no VIP tickets available at the door. BUY NOW!

Enjoying the VIP Zone Enjoying the VIP Zone Enjoying the VIP Zone

Number 68 Is 38

What’s that you say? Yes, we now have our 68th brewer for the festival and it is 38 State Brewing from Littleton. 38 State was established in 2012 by four close friends who admit they knew little about brewing at the time. After folks started asking to buy kegs of their various brews – they were still brewing in the garage – they decided to get serious and create a real brewery. They took the name to as a tribute to the fact that Colorado was the 38th state in the U.S. Now you can see what their fans were raving about.

38 State Brewing

Do You Hate Lines?

Almost everyone hates Fun at the Festivallines – especially at beer festivals. Well, here’s your chance to avoid the lines at this year’s All Colorado Beer Festival.

The general admission sessions begin at 1:00 PM and 6:30 PM and give you 3 1/2 hours to sample the best Colorado brewers have to offer – just you and about 1,600 of your closest friends.

For just $5 more you can get one of 150 Early Entry tickets available at each session. This extra $5 gets you in the door an hour early with just you and a few close friends and ALL THAT BEER!

Want even more? Then go for the VIP ticket. At just $50, you get in an hour early plus you have access to the VIP Zone with an extra 30 beers for the entire session. And, we will sit you down for an appetizer and beer pairing under the guidance of Austin Sherwood from Coaltrain Wine and Liquor. Only 125 VIP tickets are available for each session.

Don’t delay these special tickets are going quickly and will sell out well before the festival!