Another New Brewer

Some months ago we visited Blue Spruce Brewing on County Line Road at Colorado Blvd. in Lone Tree. While we were there we invited Rick Kane to bring his brewery to the All Colorado Beer Festival. At that time, having been open all of one week, he wasn’t sure they could make it and thought they might have a conflicting event. Well, now that the brewery is fully operational, Rick decided that the All Colorado Beer Festival would be on their list of events for the year. Welcome aboard Blue Spruce.

Blue Spruce Logo

Only 17 More Spots

On the 4th of July we added our 53rd brewer for the 2014 festival: Horse and Dragon Brewing Company. Horse and Dragon is located in Fort Collins and opened in March of this year. They are currently brewing nine styles. Another new brewer to temp all our beer-loving guests!

Horse and Dragon Brewing

Let’s Add One More

We just received confirmation that a brand new brewer in the Denver area, Mu Brewery, will join the 2014 festival. Mu is so new that their are yet to hold their grand opening. If you want to check out this new brewer visit them at 9735 E. Colfax.


Four New Brewers Sign Up

We opened our reservations to new brewers on July 1st and four brewers have already signed up to join us this year: Shamrock Brewing, Manitou Brewing, Kokapelli Beer Company, and Walter’s Beer. Shamrock and Walter’s mark the return to the festival of brewers from Pueblo – a welcome addition. Kokapelli comes from Westminster and Manitou is from Maintou Springs right here in the Pikes Peak Region.

Shamrock Brewing   Manitou Brewing Kokopelli Beer Company  Walters Beer

Two More Returning Brewers

As we get set to open reservations for new brewers, two of our veteran brewers have let us know they will be returning again this year. Please welcome back Rocky Mountain BreweryRocky Mountain Brewery and Dry Dock Brewing.

Rocky Mountain BreweryRocky Mountain BreweryRocky Mountain   Dry Dock Brewing

Our Total Is Now 45!

With just a few days to go until we open reservations to new brewers, our total stands at 45 brewers for the 2014 festival. Brewers joining include: Anheuser-Busch, Goose Island, Odell, Shock Top, and Tommyknocker.

Anheuser Bush Brewing  Goose Island  Odell Brewing  Shock Top Brewing  Tommyknocker Brewery

Make That 40 Brewers

Just got word from Upslope that they will be joining our 2014 party. That brings the total to 40 brewers!

Upslope Brewing

And Then There Were 39!

With the addition of Three Barrel, Colorado Cider, Hall, and Bull & Bush, the brewer count for the 2014 festival stands at 39. There are just two weeks remaining for brewers from last year to claim a spot at the festival before we open reservations to the brewers on our waiting list.

Three Barrel Brewing  Colorado Cider Company  Hall Brewing  Bull and Bush Brewiery