Where Am I #2

After a quick winner on our first “Where Am I?” challenge, I’m afraid this one will be way too easy. On our first contest, Riff Raff Brewing in Pagosa Springs was the correct answer. Many of you may know Riff Raff, but how many of you have ever visited their wonderful tasting room for a flight?

OK. So, here is another challenge. This brewer won a bronze medal for one of their beers and their servers wear shirts with a bold claim!

Whoever correctly identifies the brewery first (based on the date/time stamp of your response) will receive two GA tickets to the session of your choice. Fill out the entry form below. We will notify the winner as soon as we receive a correct answer and post the correct answer on the website and Facebook page.

 Where Am I  Where Am I

Where Am I?

Well, we have a winner! Yes, that is Peaks and Pines Brewery right here in Colorado Springs. I said it was an easy one. Peaks and Pines won their bronze medal even before they opened their doors to the public. I’m sure many of you have sampled their great lineup of beers. If not, be sure to visit them soon!

Quiz #3 sometime next week! Stay tuned.

Fun and FREE Tickets

This year we wanted to have some fun and give away some tickets to the All Colorado Beer Festival.

The game is “Where Am I?”

Each week we will post (on the website home page and on our Facebook page) a picture or two taken at a Colorado brewery. You job will be to guess which brewery is in the picture. The picture will be unique to that brewery, but not too obvious. Here’s a sample:

Where Am I?

Where Am I?

Whoever correctly identifies the brewery first (based on the date/time stamp of your response) will receive two GA tickets to the session of your choice. To enter from the website, just fill out the entry form as shown below. (From Facebook follow the link back to the website and fill out the entry form.) We will notify the winner as soon as we receive a correct answer and post the correct answer on the website and Facebook page.

We Have A Winner!

Amazing! Just one hour after posting our first quiz, we have a winner. At 12:38 PM, Michael M. posted the correct location: Riff Raff Brewing in Pagosa Springs. Other guesses included Fieldhouse, Colorado Mountain, Bristol, Phantom Canyon, and I don’t have a clue. Congratulations Michael! We will be in touch with you very soon with directions for claiming your free tickets.

Keep your eye on the website and Facebook page. More brewery locations and chances to win will be coming soon.

2016 Tickets On Sale Now!!

2016 All Colorado Beer Festival tickets are now on sale! BUY TICKETS NOW!

This is our 10th anniversary, so it will be extra special. We expect at least 80 Colorado brewers to participate.

The location will be the same as last year: 3650 North Nevada Avenue at the Mortgage Solutions Financial Expo Center. The afternoon session will begin at 1:00 PM. The evening session will begin at 6:30 PM. Early Entry tickets will get you access an hour earlier. We will also sell a limited number of Brewer Insider tickets that get you access to the brewers’ lounge and a ticket for a free lunch or dinner.

New Belgium pours at festival


New Distiller and Restaurants

We just added another distiller to the lineup for Saturday. Marble Distilling from Carbondale will be providing  a Marble Vodka, Midnight EXpresso Coffee Liqueur and the Gingercello Liqueur. The Marble Vodka is made with an original blend of all natural Colorado grains. Wheat and malted barley is distilled five times in an old fashioned copper pot still to ensure purity and clarity. It is the only vodka filtered through crushed Yule marble giving it a soft, creamy nose with a smooth, luxurious finish to create a unique Colorado vodka. The Gingercello is a tribute to springtime and a modern adaptation of the Italian classic. Marble uses fresh cut ginger and the sweetest part of the lemon zest for a refreshing taste.

Marble Distilling

New restaurants are: Buffalo Wild Wings and The Mining Exchange & Antlers Hotel.

Better get your TICKETS now!

Oskar Blues Flagship Festival

Do you have plans for this weekend? How about going to a beer festival?

Oskar BlueOskar Blues Flagship Fest at BooDad'ss is sponsoring a Flagship Beer Festival! Each featured brewer (and we hear there may be as many as 20) will bring their brewery’s flagship beer.

The price is right for this festival: $25 general admission and $45 for VIP admission.

The details:

Where: BooDad’s Beach House Grill, 5910 Omaha Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80915

When: Saturday, May 14th, General admission – 2:00-5:00, VIP – 1:00-5:00

Cost: GA – $25, VIP $45

Get Tickets



Spring44 Distilling Joins the Party

Spring44 Distilling, located in Loveland, has joined our growing list of distillers for the 2nd Colorado Craft Spirits Festival. Spring44 spirits are made with Rocky Mountain artesian mineral spring water straight from the distillery’s source located at 9000 ft in Colorado’s pristine Buckhorn Canyon. Spring44 Spirits deliver unmatched quality and smoothness. Spring44 offers two styles of vodka, three styles of gin, and a fortified bitter liqueur.

Spring44 Distilling

Another Distiller and More Restaurants

This week we added another new distiller to the lineup for 2016: Boathouse Distillery out of Salida. Their signature spirit is Colorado Bourbon, but don’t miss their Colorado Moonshine, a smooth white whiskey with more character than other clear spirits and their Colorado Blue Agave Tequila, Colorado Vodka, and Colorado Rum.

Boathouse Distillery

Restaurants joining the festival include: Continental Sausage, Jimmy John’s, Tilted Kilt, Trader Joe’s, the Melting Pot, and Schnitzel Fritz.

 Jimmy John's  Trader Joe's  Trader Joe's  Melting Pot  Continental Sausage  Schnitzel Fritz

Now For Something Different

How about a beer tour in Germany? You really should check this out (Beer Tour). Ten days in and around Frankfurt and Munich visiting breweries, chatting with the brewers, and sampling some of the best beers Germany’s big and small breweries have to offer. The tour includes hotels, meals, tours, and much more – all for just $1,999 plus airfare. Anke and Mitch Verburg, owners of Schnitzel Fritz restaurant in Colorado Springs have organized this tour specially designed for brewers and beer aficionados for July 8-18, 2016. This is not to be missed.

German Beer Tour