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2018 ACBF

Register Your Brewery

Registering your brewery to participate in the 12th Annual All Colorado Beer Festival is easy. Simply follow this link and fill in the information requested. We will put you on our email list to receive on-going communications.


Festival Overview

The All Colorado Beer Festival is an all volunteer operation. The purpose of the event is to raise funds for local nonprofit organizations. In 2017 the event raised $65,000 for our beneficiaries. To date, the festival has donated $464,900 and is one of the largest philanthropic operations in Colorado Springs. In 2018, our 12th festival will take place on the November 10, 2018. Our goal is to raise $75,000 for our beneficiaries. Our ability to fulfill this goal is due almost entirely to you the brewers. Without you there would be no festival. THANK YOU!

The 12th Annual All Colorado Beer Festival promises to be even bigger and better than last year’s event. This is your chance to be involved in something truly special, while experiencing professional treatment at every turn.

The Festival is designed to showcase world-class beers from around the state of Colorado to an audience Colorado Springs locals and regional visitors alike, in an atmosphere of excitement and fun. The Festival is a one-of-a-kind event for Colorado brewers. The 2018 ACBF is expected to host over 3,200 attendees.


After starting at Mr. Biggs we moved to the Mortgage Solutions Event Center, Our home for six years closed. In 2017 we tried the Norris Penrose Event Center. The new venue had some good features, but many not so good. In particular the bathroom situation was simply unacceptable. So, this year we will move again. This time we will be at the Chapel Hills Mall in the new event center there. This venue offers great parking as well as access to all the mall stores, the movie theaters, and INDOOR bathrooms. The address is 1710 Briargate Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920.

Public Tasting

The All Colorado Beer Festival public tasting will take place Saturday, November 10th. We will conduct two sessions running from 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM (Early Entry session starts at noon) and 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM (Early Entry session starts at 5:30 PM).

The Festival will take place at the Chapel Hills Mall Event Center, with a 40,000 square foot indoor facility and. The Festival attendees will pay a one-time Festival fee which will get them a wrist band (indicating that they are 21 years of age or older and have paid) and a Festival tasting glass for as many 2-oz. samples as they can responsibly consume. There will be a trained crew of All Colorado Beer Festival staff and volunteers located throughout the Festival to handle every beer festival activity. There will also be entertainment, a designated driver program, merchandise, and of course, plenty of food.


All Colorado Beer Festival Provides:

  • 10′ brewery space (larger spaces including 10’x20′ end-caps are available for a sponsorship fee)
  • Draped table
  • Rear draped panel to hang signage
  • Volunteers to help pour beer
  • Tapping equipment & services (please reserve ahead and let us know if you require other than Sankey taps)
  • Ice and barrels for kegs
  • Cold storage for beers brought in Friday and extra kegs or cases
  • 3 sets of brewer credentials per brewing company
  • High quality exposure of your brewery and beers in the Colorado Springs market
  • Opportunity to sell brewery merchandise
  • Special Hotel Discounts
  • A Friday evening brewer’s rendezvous with complimentary beer and food
  • Professional judging of your beers (entry information is provided below)

Brewery Provides:

  • Brewery representatives to talk about your beers with guests and share in the social atmosphere of the festival
  • One half barrel or seven cases of beer per beer-style
  • Delivery of your beer to festival
  • Decorative signage/decor for brewery booth space (10’x10′ popup tents are welcome)

Brewery Space

Each participating brewery will be given a ten-foot table space, with rear pipe and draping, a draped table, and brewery signage with brewery name and location. You are encouraged to have one of your representatives hang around your area as much as possible, to talk about your beer and your brewery with Festival guests.

You will be allowed to pour your own beer; however, please be sure your representatives are aware of the two-ounce pour rules. Remember that the 2-oz. pour rule applies to beer you and your representatives pour for yourselves. We will provide volunteers to assist you in pouring.

You will be able to hang your own brewery banner on the rear drape and pipe structure and distribute information regarding your beers (flyers, coasters, table tents, etc.) We highly recommend distribution of discount cards or other incentives to attract Festival guests to your brewery or brew pub especially if your beers are not available in the Colorado Springs area.

Throwing items (shirts, coasters, etc.) from your brewery area is strictly prohibited.

You are welcome to bring a popup tent for your space. The space allotment per brewer this year is 10’x10′.

Brewery Representation

Each participating brewing company will be given three (3) sets of brewery credentials for staff at the Festival that can be exchanged among brewery staff and representatives as needed. All brewery representatives must be at least 21 years of age. All brewers and brewery representatives will be required to show proof of age before being issued their pass. Brewery representatives will be expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate and professional manner at all times during the Festival. Any activity on behalf of a brewery or brewery representative which contradicts Colorado state law may be subject to ejection at the discretion of the All Colorado Beer Festival.

Number of Beers & Quantity

Each brewery is encouraged to bring two (2) to four (4) different beers. We ask that you bring the equivalent of one (1) half barrel per beer style or seven (7) cases of bottled product per beer style. (Please note that bottled product will be poured into the consumers tasting glass before it leaves your area.) You may want to consider bringing a sixth barrel of your “edgier” beers. We strongly recommend that you consider bringing a second half barrel of your most popular beer to ensure Festival attendees are not disappointed by being unable to taste their favorite beer at the Festival. Some brewers always run out of beer during the event.

All beer will be delivered to the All Colorado Beer Festival at the Chapel Hills Mall Event Center. The liquor license for the festival will be held by the All Colorado Beer Festival. You must present a zero invoice to All Colorado Beer Festival for the donation of the product upon delivery. Please ask for Matt Favier or Allison Favier to accept delivery. Be sure the invoice clearly indicates that the product is for the All Colorado Beer Festival.

If you have any questions about the formalities of providing your product to the Festival please contact Matt Favier (Email Matt) 719-660-4494.

Beer Transportation

Brewers will be responsible for arranging transportation for their beer and return of empty kegs. We recommend that you arrange with your Colorado Springs distributor to bring your beer to the Festival site on Friday, November 9th, after noon and before 5:00 PM. If you will be transporting your own beer you may bring it to the venue on Friday after noon or on Saturday not later than 10:00 AM. If you have difficulty making arrangements to get your beer to the Festival, please contact us, and we will do everything we can to identify a transportation method for you.

Beer Tapping

We encourage brewers to use Festival Sankey tapping equipment; however, if you prefer you can provide your own jockey box tapping equipment. The Festival will provide barrels and ice for your kegged product or trays and ice for your bottled or canned product.

If you have questions specifically related to beer tapping please contact Mark Wiebe (Email Wiebe) 303-994-2497.


Back again this year, the All Colorado Beer Festival will hold a formal judging event as part of the festival. The BJCP 2015 style guides will be used in judging this year’s entries. Brewers may enter up to three beers this year (limit is required for planning purposes).

The entry process is simple:

  • There is no cost to enter a beer. Entries must be beers that are made in Colorado and served at the 2018 ACBF. There is a 3 beer per brewery limit due to logistic requirements.
  • We plan to have 15 combined categories this year.  Last year 55 brewers participated, submitting 160 entries.
  • Entries to categories are not limited this year. However, if the number of beers entered into a category are too few, that category may be merged with another category.
  • Brewers will select which category and style best reflects their entries.
  • Brewers may enter their beers starting at 5:00 AM on Sunday, September 30th until 11:00 PM on Friday, November 1st.
  • We have automated the beer registration process for judging; you will be able to enter the data yourself and add the notes you want the judges to see ( You will also be able to review your input for accuracy and completeness and make changes as needed.
  • Early entry is encouraged to allow for better planning of the judging. The finalization of categories, # of entries and judge requirements is dependent on timely brewer data entry.
  • Brewers are expected to provide two bottles or cans (any size) or two growlers (smaller is better).
  • Entries must be either shipped or delivered to arrive no later than by 1`1:00 PM on Sunday, November 1st to:

Coaltrain Wine & Spirits
330 W. Uintah 
Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Judging and Awards:

  • The ACBF has been register with the BJCP
  • All judges are BJCP-ranked and hand-picked for their knowledge of beer styles. Many return year after year to judge at the All Colorado Beer Festival competition. We expect to have an exceptionally strong judge pool again this year.
  • Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be available in each category plus one Best of Show gold medal. All medals may not be awarded in a given category; dependent upon judge input.
  • Our goal is to complete the judging and to present the awards by the end of the first session. We plan to hand out score sheets before the end of the event.
  • If needed, Elizabeth Hartman will send you detailed instructions of how to use the web site to register/enter beers for judging.

If you have any questions about judging please contact Elizabeth Hartman (Email Elizabeth).

Product Marketing

The All Colorado Beer Festival wants to make sure your brewery and your product receive high quality exposure in the Colorado Springs market. The Festival will prepare a program listing each brewer include a brief overview of the brewery. The beer guide will run as a special insert in the Colorado Springs Gazette and will be distributed across the city. Each brewer will be identified by name and location, and a list of the beers they plan to bring will be provided if available. The Gazette will have special offers for expanded listing and display advertisements.

We strongly encourage brewers to bring marketing and promotional materials to distribute at their booth. We hope that this combination of efforts will provide you and your beers a level of exposure that extends well beyond the day of the Festival.

Brewery Merchandise

If you are interested in selling your brewery merchandise, please see the enclosed merchandise program information and registration form. The All Colorado Beer Festival will handle all brewery merchandise sales from a central location at the Festival. Brewery merchandise may include T-shirts, hats, and glassware. To cover costs of providing a central merchandise area, the sales will be split with the All Colorado Beer Festival on a 60/40 basis with 60% going to the individual brewing companies and 40% to the All Colorado Beer Festival.

For more information on our merchandise booth contact Krystal Arnold (Email Krystal) 719-661-8762

Brewery Hotel Packages

Special brewer hotel packages will be announced as soon as we firm up details with the hotels.

Please please contact Allison Favier (Email Allison) 719-659-9516 for more details on the hotel deal.

Festival Contacts

Matt Favier (Festival Director)
Email Matt

Randy Dipner (Assistant Festival Director)
Email Randy

Ron Shelton (Floor Manager)
Email Ron

Mark Wiebe (Beer Services)
Email Wiebe

Elizabeth Hartman (Judging)
Email Elizabeth

Drew Martorella (Ticket Sales/Box Office)
Email Drew

Krystal Arnold (Merchandise Sales)
Email Krystal

Wendy Sain (Volunteer Coordinator)
Email Wendy

Allison Favier (Sponsorship & Vendors)
Email Allison

Mark Lutinski (Marketing & PR)
Email Mark

Kortney Favier (Entertainment & Designated Driver Area)
Email Kortney